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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 28, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: as you can see, i have wood, geoff. geoff: oh. craig: yes. and i'm going to throw it on the fire. geoff: all right. craig: are you ready? geoff: yeah. [laughter] geoff: well, that worked out. craig: i think so. i think i got a little splinter from the wood.
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thank you. candy? geoff: certainly. [laughter] craig: good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,
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this is kpix 5 news. an suv plows into a pedestrian and then takes off, but the driver didn't count on this. >> christin ayers shows us surveillance cameras saw everything. christin. >> that's right. the victim was leaving his job here at the shadow lounge early sunday morning. he came out that door, walked across the street, and at that moment, an suv came tearing around the corner, hit him and kept right ongoing. >> that's when i stepped outside to go walk across the street to my car like i do every night when i leave there, and that's when it happened. >> surveillance video shows bryant mendoza seconds before he was struck by a passing car. from this angle, we see the suv, a dark porsche make a wide
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unsteady turn onto 13th street. moments later. >> i realized it was too late so i braced myself. >> it hits bryant. watch again at the top of your screen. bryant tries to move out of the way, but he rolls on to the hood and falls to the ground. the porsche pauses and then takes off. >> i just can't believe they don't have enough love for the human brother to go out and see if they're okay, even alive. >> the crash left bryant with a fractured pelvis, a broken femur and intense pain. also painful, the mounting medical bills. doctors had to surgically insert a titanium rod in his leg. >> i got a couple screws in here, a couple screws up here. >> he'll be off the job for months, and as a bartender, he doesn't have medical insurance. his only hope, that the person behind the wheel will come clean. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and take a look at this, a police officer had his foot run over during a protest at the port of oakland. the driver was trying to cross a picket line. the officer didn't press
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charges. wild shootout with los angeles police, then dave lopez shows us things get really crazy. >> he was saying, "get my sister out of the house. get my sister out of the house." >> then minutes later, this is what the husband of kimberly edwards videotaped. >> we hear the pow pow automatic fire shots, one first round. >> from the house? >> from that house. and after that, about maybe five minutes later, another round of shots. >> it was at that time that the male officer was hit in the vest and the female officer tripped and fell. slight injuries. >> they were outside so he was literally shooting from out of the house into the area. >> terrifying sights and sounds that she says she'll never forget. >> and about an hour and a half ago, we are told that the
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suspect surrendered. the hostages are okay. well, it was a scene straight out of breaking bad that played out on the delta. brian webb was there as the floating crime scene was hauled away. >> this is video from chopper 5. an solano county sheriff's boat towing the crime scene, a houseboat considered so dangerous it's being taken to an undisclosed location, not something the locals like to hear. >> think of things people are doing that not only harm the environment but themselves and others. >> the likely floating meth lab was found in the back waters in slews that break off in the delta. the two fisher menino who had been reporting missing found dead inside, fishing lines still cast in the water and what deputies believe was a small meth cooking operation in the galley on board. >> it's dangerous whether it's in a house, on a boat, any where. >> the delta is known as a great get away, but with all its nooks and crannies, it can also be a
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good hideout for illegal activity. but authorities insist they'll even chilly find the bad guys dead or alive. >> no place is perfect. >> on board, deputies smelled an on odor and quickly hopped off fearing the fumes or a possible explosion. the boat and the area now being checked for possible toxic leftovers. deputies aren't sure if those men died from breathing toxic fumes. an autopsy is scheduled for next week. as for the boat itself, that's still up in the air a little bit. if it's ever considered safe again, it could go back to the owner's family. reporting in pittsburgh kpix 5. >> the bodies of the two bay area men were found on that houseboat about six miles south of rio vista. california teen turned hitman has just been freed and tonight is back in the u.s.. this is video of him being arrested, now 17 edgar lugo just finished a three-year juvenile offender term in mexico for homicide, kidnapping, drug and
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weapons possession. edgar was born in san diego. he said the south pacific cartel forced him to kill four people. other young hit menino still in prison say for them killing was almost routine. >> in all, how many people did you kill? >> no idea. >> no idea? you lost track? >> edgar is now in texas where his family will reportedly go to a residential support facility. does not appear he will face any charges here in the united states. tonight, sasha, the bay area teenager who was severely burned on a bus is home, just in time for thanksgiving. >> sasha sits in the front passenger seat as the family car pulls into the garage. he's back home after spending three weeks at the st. francis burn center. >> sasha is really excited to be at home. he just walked up the stairs. >> his father took this photo of
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him smiling in his bedroom. you can see both of his legs are wrapped with bandages. >> sasha is a little tired in general, just physically and emotionally. >> tell us why you did it, sir. >> earlier this month, 16-year-old richard thomas set the teen's skirts on fire aboard a bus. police say the suspect did it because he's homophobic, but sasha's family said the attack won't stop him from wearing skirts. in fact, he wore a black one today. >> people realize that you can wear unusual clothing, and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> what will change is sasha probably won't be riding the bus alone. >> i'm sure sasha will ride the bus again, probably with friends. >> both parents say it's been a tiring ordeal juggling between work and hospital visits. they're just glad sasha can slowly go back to his normal
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life. in oakland, kpix 5. >> sasha's dad says his son hopes to be back at school on monday. how would you like to be stuck driving through this on the way to thanksgiving dinner? snow, wind, rainmaking a mess of travel in the midwest and along the east coast. >> and be happy you're not stuck in this. this is 580 in dublin. all those brake lights are heading toward the pass. many people getting out of bay area tonight. and have you ever been to the grocery store -- and have you been to the grocery store today? >> betty talked with last-minute shoppers who say it can pay to procrastinate. >> that's right, ken. that's according to seasoned procrastinators, many of them making their way out of the santa clara safeway right now. they've realized that after years of last-minute shopping, they usually get the pick of the crop. >> we found rows of turkeys, racks of pies and steady lines at south bay grocery stores
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tonight. the shoppers were a little less organized. >> i just do spur of the moment, whatever works, and it always works just fine. >> planning for last-minute shopping may not be so bad. >> the turkey is right here. >> we get a lot of items that are fresh if you wait till the last minute, and i do buy some prepared items like bread and pies. i don't make pies. i don't have time for that. >> i bought cheddar cheese. it's all in here somewhere. >> along with that last of thanksgiving dinner ingredients, we found a list of excuses. >> i'm a busy mom with four kids. >> i just had a really really busy day. >> i just don't know any better. >> extreme procrastinators will have another shot at this. tomorrow many safeways around the bay area, including this one in santa clara are open 24 hours. live in santa clara, i'm betty, kpix 5. >> betty, thank you for that. now, to andrea in pleasant hill. andrea, this is one of those
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stories people watching either get it or they think the people you are with are completely nuts so explain it. >> well, take a look behind me. you can see the people camping out here at the best buy in pleasant hill. of course, this is the day before thanksgiving. it is perhaps the latest front of the culture wars pitting santa against the bird. >> twas the night before thanksgiving and all through the bay, people were sitting on concrete. >> camping in front of best buy. >> waiting to pay for cut rates electronics on turkey day. >> getting all these rubber band thingamajiggies and these dvds. >> probably an ipad. i really want an ipad. >> an ipod. >> the tents were lined up on the sidewalk with care in the hopes the deal fairy soon would be there. when from corporate america there arose such a clatter, shop on thursday, what's the matter screamed so many talking heads, santa has won. >> ho ho ho.
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>> thanksgiving is dead. >> then they turn and they go, hey, can you buy me something? so they all want a piece of the action even though they're kind of laughing at you. it's funny. >> on football on green beans, how can holiday about family be reduced to smitherines. >> what are you eating right now? >> but when moaning about the death of thanksgiving day, take a step back, adjust your eyes. family time is here just in disguise. >> let's hang out here, reading and eating snacks. >> so it's kind of like thanksgiving? >> pretty much, yes. without the turkey. >> >> we've seen stores opening tomorrow very early including k mart at 6:00 a.m.. best buy and wal-mart opening at 6:00 p.m.. macy's and target opening at 8:00 p.m.. i was chatting with a manager here at the best buy in pleasant hill. what he told me was he thinks that the winner and losers in
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this are not santa or the turkey but, in fact, will be black friday. he thinks the turn will be irrelevant in just a few years. live in pleasant hill, kpix 5. >> it could be a whole week long and all that for an ipad. it's where we are right now. thank you for that. here's one store you won't find open thanksgiving night. the owner of this sears in new hampshire says no way. family is more important. forget this. now, her corporate bosses are threatening to take away her bonus for the rest of the year. bay area girls just caved to the beasty boys. goldiblocks, a toy company based in oakland agreed to pull its remake of the song girls from this viral video ad. they had argued fair use since the song is a parody, but the company says it decided to back down after learning about a clause in founding member adam's will. it specifically barred the use of his music in advertising.
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well, san jose fire dispatcher will have a story to tell at the thanksgiving table. >> she helped a couple that had to pull off highway 87 to deliver their baby. tiffany steven sovn --son walked the new parents through the next steps while they waited for help. she says yesterday's emergency was a nice change of pace. >> you don't always get to have the happy calls that end that way so it was kind of nice being able to work last night knowing there's a little boy in the world and he was healthy, just confirmed that i'm glad i'm here. >> san jose fire dispatchers have helped to deliver four babies in just the past few months. >> quite a job. >> talk about throwing money down the drain. why spend hundreds of millions on a new bay area train station that may not have any trains? they're called the purple people tucked away in these bay area hills. we take you inside the commune,
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well -- well, you're just going to have to see for yourself. it's never been like this. this is phenomenal. >> what's so irresistible that
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san francisco building a fancy new train station that may not have any trains it turns out unless high speed rail moves forward caltrain won't get the cash it needs to electrify its
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ageing fleeshths but the $400 million rail extension to the terminal is going forward no matter what, and it's designed for electric trains. >> they would have to be redesigned in order to accommodate diesel. >> how much would that cost? >> i couldn't even begin to estimate. >> bart and san francisco's central subway are also relying on high speed rail money for upgrades, but a judge just put the brakes on the bullet train saying it's not what voters were promised. tonight we're getting a rare look inside a bay area commune. it's been around since the late 60s. the people inside are intensely private, but not shy. kind of hard to be shy when they specialize in sex. joe vasquez tells us about the purple people. >> nestled in the rolling hills just east of the caldecott tunnel lies lafayette house, one of california's oldest intentional communities.
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that's another term for commune. lafayette moorehouse is situated here in a remote area of unincorporated lafayette. they just celebrated their 45th anniversary. many neighbors i talk to have no idea it's here. >> i'm surprised. >> look at the address? >> no. i'm speechless. >> but the old-timers are familiar. some refer to the group as the purple people because their homes and cars and even some of their clothes they wear are purple. >> i'm so used to it, it doesn't surprise me. like, oh, yeah, there's one of the purple people. >> experimental lifestyle. we do all kinds of different things. >> author steve and his wife joined lafayette moorehouse in the 70s and lived there for about two decades. he says they've explored group living and relationships, but what they're best known for is researching and teaching others about women's sexual pleasure. >> facilitating women to have long extended or gachls. >> steve says he'd still be there, but his wife decided it was time to leave. >> everything is in the open, so sometimes -- a lot of times, the
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women would arrange dates for their husbands or boyfriends with another friend of theirs. there's no, like, sneaking around. >> in recent months, lafayette moorehouse appears to have ramped up its public presence on its facebook page and web site where they clearly state they are not a cult. there is no common spiritual belief, and former members i talked to say anybody is free to leave whenever they want. >> we're a community. >> at one point in its history, the commune had an accredited college campus called more university. you could get a phd in sexuality. steve did. >> how to give women pleasure, basically. that's what we majored in. that was what we got our degrees in. >> i reached out to the people in lafayette morehouse. they politely declined a request for an interview. by the way, more university is no more, lost its accreditation, but take a look at the web site now. lafayette morehouse, they stel
1:58 am
offer klasses in sensuality as they have for more than four decades. >> so have the people of lafayette ever complained about this? >> you know, there was a hubbub back in the mid 90s. a group took in homeless people. the people of lafayette were upset, and the county took them to court. i searched court doshgments, talk today local authorities. i didn't find my recent lawsuits, no criminal complaints. they are just -- they're neighbors, and for the most part, the people out there don't know much about them but have subsisted with them for 45 years. >> sometimes you don't know who your neighbors are. >> exactly. >> all right. joe, thanks. take a look at this. we hardly ever see so many hump back whales in monterey, especially this time of year. the hump backs should be many mexico to mate, but mating isn't on their mind. >> hump back whales, dozens of them are everywhere. >> wow, they're like right on us.
1:59 am
>> blowing away even avid whale watchers such as karen. >> it's never been like this. this is phenomenal. >> do these whales make you feel very small? >> oh, absolutely. >> there are also dolphins and hundreds of sea lions. they are chasing an unexplained explosion of anchovies in the bay. killer whales showed up to hunt the sea lions. tourists and scientists have never seen anything quite like it. >> there's easily over a hundred to 200 whales in monterey bay so this is, like, you know, so exceptional. we just can't even believe it. >> nancy black is a marine biologist and captain of this whale-watching boat. she says most hump back whales should have left for their winter breeding ground in mexico but could not pass up this fish feast. >> is this a question of which buy logical need wins out, breeding or food? >> it's a struggle between food and mating. it's, like, which one? >> sea lions help the whales feed by chasing the anchovies
2:00 am
into tight bowls of fish. the whales simply opens its mouth swallowing up to two tons of anchovies each day. . she knows this sea life will eventually end. for now, she says, just enjoy the view. ben tracy cbs news. monterey bay and any of our beautiful beaches, which may be pretty popular to go to, the beach hazard statement has been issued by the weather service. strong on shore flow will give a lot of high risk of rip currents. that's about the only thing that could go awry weather wise. coming up tomorrow it should be a-okay. live look outside sfo. cloudy for the past couple of days, but we will not see any rain fall. pleasant weather this evening. union square, the biggest one in san francisco was lit this evening as we began hanukkah. tomorrow the first full day will begin at sun down. today nice weather outside for
2:01 am
that and should be decent weather for you and your family for your celebrations tomorrow. nothing on the radar. kpix 5 high def doppler is completely dry. we'll stay that way the next several of days. out and about tomorrow, state capitol 66. fresno tomorrow 67. monterey the one spot that may see a few showers on the peninsula there. mid 50s with a 20% chance of showers. big low pressure area off to the south and west but going to scoot urndz us if you will. for us, no because that low will just miss us by a couple money miles. so thanksgiving for you will be rain flooe free if you're staying here in the bay area. pretty much cloud free, too. high pressure builds back in friday, saturday, sunday. the entire weekend will be dry. three of the four days will be mostly sunny. a dry end to another dry month. november will end up about half of our normal rain fall. december, though, next week changes coming. it'll be cooler, cloudier, wetter, but that's next week. we've got a four-day weekend coming up.
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besides that rough surf, the beaches should be just fine to get outside. livermore, san jose tomorrow, thanksgiving 66 degrees. san mateo 64. union city 63. thanksgiving in san ramon 65. 63 for the city. petaluma 63 and lake port tomorrow thanksgiving high of 64. sunshine back on friday. we are sunny over the weekend, mid to upper 60s should be nice to get outside, maybe hang those christmas lights because next,,,
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popcorn, you have a full reprieve from cranberry sau well, at least two turkeys will stay off thanksgiving tables this -- >> come on. >> you have a full, free from cranberry sauce and stuffing. we wish you well, and we're going to give. all right? >> nice. >> so popcorn, that's the name
2:05 am
of the turkey there, went head to head with his feathered friend for america's top gobbler. he got a pardon, as well, but they better watch out. turns out that all the turkeys of president obama has pardoned have eventually made it to that great turkey farm in the sky. the last two gobbler and gobbler died within the last year. >> oh, no. >> that's the way it goes. the bay area coaches the 900 win plateau. can you guess who that is? the sharks go to female announcer: sunday's your last chance sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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top teams in the nhl will visit the shark tank in the next four days. it began tonight gerns the l. a. kings in a playoff rematch. >> we've got a lot with these guys. they don't like us. we don't like them. >> do you think? hit, no penalty call. joe thornton banked one in, and then drew rolls one in and then goes off the hand into the net and that tied the game. shootout. eight rounds in. there was a crowd chanting beat l. a. turns back foley. sharks beat the kings 3-2, and an exciting shootout down in san jose. ellis now with the mavs hosting the warriors. led by double digits most of the night. 2 of 16 from the field but layup here gave the mavs 17-point lead.
2:09 am
here comes clay thompson to drain a three ball. lee down to six. next time curry to game high 29. 13-0 warrior run to make it a four-point game, but in krurj time, it was monote. he had 10 assist tonight. the warriors lose 103-99. i have in my hand the wednesday night top five. >> good night. that is al huge fish. >> the guy pulled in a 230-pound cat fish in the river of italy. it took over an hour to bring him in. the family coming home for thanksgiving, we thought up with john scott. murray got the worst of that fight. no. 3, things not going well for jason kidd. home player. kidd actually did that to call a time out because he was out of them. no. 2, back on the ice the hurricanes highway robbery with the glove. have another look. manager -- magnificent flash.
2:10 am
then no. 1, that was the end of vandevir's 900th career victory. beat florida gulf coast 83-59 in mexico. game wasn't televised. there was hardly anybody there to see this amazing accomplishment. no. 900. and we'll ,,,,,,


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